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"All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed." - Sean O'Casey

А в точку, пожалуй;)
alisaselezen - молодец!!

30 декабря 2014 г., вторник, 19:00

Опера в 3-х действиях


Дирижер – Валерий Гергиев

Флория Тоска – Татьяна Сержан
Марио Каварадосси – Марсело Альварес

Барон Скарпиа – Евгений Никитин

Я в экстазе. И в Москве на работе...((

Ну очень был интересный спектакль
Когда смена декораций проходит слишком долго, не забудьте разбудить дирижера)

the sweetest thing

Вечно можно смотреть на то, как горит огонь, течет вода и бегает Папагено-Саймон Кинлисайд

Культуру - в массы!
Когда-таки решу сесть за руль, обязательно сделаю себе такую наклейку))BgjXERJ44hs

Любите теноров (часть 4)
В продолжение постов aka_cha про то, как надо любить теноров, вспомнила сразу текст (не мой, найденный где-то в сети):

Tenors who need to be punched in the face

I’ll love the baritones and basses since they are usually the bad guy by job description. But there are some tenors who need to get their shit together.

  • The Prince of Mantua - fucks everywhing that wears a skirt and looks good. No problem with getting husbands or rightfully angry fathers out of the way. Approaches a naive maiden pretending to be a student and promising everything, then proceeds to rape her the next day. Not even his earworm arias save this guy from being a total dick.

  • F.B. Pinkerton - “marries” underage Japanese girl, but it’s just a joke to him. Racist twat. Poor girl gives up her religion and gets shunned by her family for it. She truly loves him. He knocks her up then sets sail and ignores her for three years. When he returns, he has an American wife and he only came for his son. He realizes he fucked up but not enough to take responsibility. He hightails out and leaves the talk to his wife and the consul.

  • Rodolfo - whiny artist who doesn’t do anything, even when he gets a girlfriend. Mistreats her to drive her away because she’s got the Incurable Cough Of Death and he wants her to get a richer man. Instead of, y’know, getting a fucking job. Sings about how he doesn’t have money for firewood. Doesn’t even try stealing wood.

  • Don Carlo - not a bad guy per default but lacks backbone and brains. “OMG my crush I have known for half an hour married my dad! I will continue bothering her to make the situation even worse! Also my BFF died for me but instead of actually doing something I will just sing a duet with my crush/mum until the Spanish Inquisition arrives!” No wonder everybody else steals the show.

  • Peter Quint - creepy pedophile ghost. Also knocked up Miss Jessel and wants Miles’ soul. Get the fucking salt.

  • Faust - makes a demon deal, knocks up a naive girl, kills her brother, then leaves her. Very heroic.

  • Turiddu - “my girlfriend got married while I was a soldier so I’ll seduce this maiden and ruin her reputation (also probably knock her up), then start an affair with my married ex and treat my new girlfriend like shit. But people will love me because I sing that beautiful farewell to my mama.”

  • Siegfried - racist (treats Mime like shit), generally disrespectful (all but kicks Wotan’s arse), and pretty dumb. Accepts drinks from suspicious people. Treats pale, creepy bass dressed in black like his best pal. Treats Brünnhilde like a liar and madwoman after he forgot her.

  • Tamino - runs away from dragon screaming. Eats up the priests’ misogynistic crap. Almost drives Pamina to suicide by not talking to her because of his stupid trials. Gets through trials because he has MacGuffin.

  • Don Ottavio - just hopeless. Tries to get revenge on Don Giovanni by… reporting him to the police! Why Anna puts up with him is a mystery.

  • Grigory / False Dmitry - a lil shit who decides he wants to be Tzar. Starts a war.

  • Andrei Khovansky - treats ex like shit, spends opera trying to rape another girl.

  • Pollione - makes two kids with supposed-to-be virgin druid priestess, seduces a younger priestess and generally behaves like a self-absorbed twat.

  • Iason - see above, basically. Except it’s two princesses in his case. Also a coward.

  • Peter Grimes - ok, the ensemble is a dick to him, but he ain’t nice either. Overworks and beats his underage apprentices, sulks a lot and he’s obsessed with getting rich. Also hits the schoolmarm who is trying to help him. Kinda psycho.

  • Ernani - good guy, but incredibly stupid. “Oh, let’s give this horn to my sworn enemy and tell him he just need to blow it if he wants me dead! Then marry the girl he wanted for hismelf. What could possibly go wrong?”

  • Manrico - the minute he thinks his girlfriend sold herself to the baritone to save him, he calls her a whore and curses her. While she’s dying to save his sorry arse.

  • Don José - ok, his motives are understandable. But he really needs a bucket of cold water. You don’t own that girl, mate. You didn’t have to desert for her either. You could have kept it in your pants.

  • Otello - see above. Believes suspicious baritone. Never even considers wife being innocent. Then sings a dramatic monologue and falls on his sword.

  • Edgardo - another crazy jealous idjit. “OMG Lucia married another! She obviously wasn’t forced! HOE!” 30 minutes later. “OMG Lucia died! My poor bb! Must follow her!” *facepalm*

  • Canio - yeah, crazy jealous guy again. Stabs everyone except the villain.

  • Alfredo - shames Violetta publicly after she leaves him because his dad asked her. Throws money at her. Also pretty much a softdick.

Особенно хорошо про Эрнани и Родольфо, на мой взгляд)))
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Love tips
По следам визита в Большой...

Если вам срочно потребовалось разлюбить какого-то тенора или тенора как голос вообще, сходите на Дона Карлоса. Стопроцентное противоядие.
Если вы не понимаете, чем красивы баритоны и басы (как голоса), сходите на Дона Карлоса. You'll see.

Необязательно в Большой. В целом.

Туда же
И снова немножечко Тоски:)

самое прекрасное в этих старых-старых фотографиях - это, конечно же, Тервель на заднем плане, набирающий кому-то сообщение)))

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(no subject)
При всей моей любви к Брину Тервелю и еще более нежной любви к молодому Брину Тервелю... какое же счастье, что он почти завязал с французским репертуаром ))

go on with the bad boys darling))

Fratelli d'Italia
Вчерашний типичный бездарный матч сборной Италии, а говоря конкретно, предматчевое исполнение гимна навеяло воспоминание о восхитительном открывании рта исполнении fratelli d'italia... немцами:)

(смотреть с  3:39:35, ссылка упорно не встает на начало гимна:()

Нельзя не согласиться, что фраза siam' pronti alla morte звучит очень бодро и единственная легко запоминается Йонас согласен :)
Pape хотя бы честно закрыл рот под конец)))